Negotiating Better Terms On Your Mortgage

When you are behind on your mortgage payments and at risk of foreclosure, renegotiating the terms of your loan may be the best way for you to keep your home. The Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC can help you evaluate your options and work with your lender to save you from foreclosure.

If your payments are too burdensome or you suffered from a loss of income, your current mortgage may be unsustainable. With a mortgage modification, you could return to making more manageable payments, eliminating the risk of the bank foreclosing. While many banks are hesitant to modify your mortgage, an experienced attorney knows how to negotiate with these lenders, and can get you more favorable results.

The First Line Of Defense In Protecting Your Investment

If you want to save your home, mortgage modifications are usually your first option. Other forms of foreclosure defense may involve you losing your home in order to protect your other assets and your prospects at future home ownership. Modifying your mortgage, however, allows you to continue living in your home without the burden of unmanageable payments.

Mortgage modifications are generally easier to negotiate before you get too far behind in your payments. It is imperative that you consult with an experienced foreclosure lawyer as soon as possible to negotiate better terms with your lender.

Experienced At Working With Banks And Lenders In New York

Negotiating better mortgage terms alone can be rather difficult. Large lenders can be intimidating, and can take advantage of your situation. Having a knowledgeable attorney as an ally can give you much better leverage against your lender.

Our law firm has helped many homeowners protect themselves against foreclosure. We have extensive knowledge of the law, and know how to protect you from the bank. Get started today with a free initial consultation — call 631-893-3900 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.