Personal Injuries Can Be Devastating — You Deserve Recovery

A severe injury resulting from someone else's negligence can be extremely costly, and potentially impact your life for years to come. A talented personal injury attorney can help you recover fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, emotional suffering and more. At the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, we have passionately represented numerous New York residents in their personal injury claims, including:

These injuries can have severe impacts on your quality of life. Our firm has experience helping out clients recover the compensation they deserve. Only an experienced lawyer can evaluate your case and identify all of the damages for which you deserve recovery. We work to maximize this recovery, to minimize the injury's impact on your life.

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When you are injured in an accident, you must file a claim within a specific amount of time to be entitled to financial compensation. Most cases in New York have a statute of limitations of three years, though some are as short as one or two years. You must file your claim before this amount of time has passed, or you may not be able to seek recovery.

During a free initial consultation with our firm, we can evaluate your case and determine what forms of compensation you may be entitled to. To get started, contact our office online or call 631-893-3900.