Advocating For Your Interests In Landlord Tenant Disputes

Legal disputes between landlords and tenants are unfortunately all too common in New York, and can take many forms. At the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, we represent our clients in a variety of consumer law matters, including frustrating landlord tenant disputes.

Disputes between tenants and their landlords can range from repair and maintenance issues to the threat of eviction. Oftentimes, these issues come back to the terms in your lease agreement. When you are faced with a conflict with your landlord or tenant, you need a knowledgeable real estate attorney who understands the extent of the law to protect your interests.

We Know The New York Real Estate Industry

Attorney Phil Felice has facilitated countless real estate transactions. We are well-versed in a variety of legal contracts, including lease agreements. We can walk you through your lease and determine what rights you have in your dispute.

These conflicts can be heated, and often one-sided. Landlords may abuse their authority and subject you to unfair treatment, possibly threatening eviction. Alternately, tenants may breach their contract or cause significant damage to your property. Our firm is trusted throughout New York for our insight into real estate and financial matters. We strive to resolve your conflict quickly and efficiently. Even if you are facing eviction, we will ensure both parties uphold their end of the contract and you are treated fairly under the law.

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Real estate conflicts can be costly and frustrating, and if you are facing an eviction, time may be running out. When you visit our office, we evaluate your case for free to determine how we can help you. Call today at 631-893-3900 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.