Helping You Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Estate planning is about more than just a will. A proper estate planning attorney can protect your most valuable assets and help facilitate the transfer of your estate to those who matter most to you. At the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, we provide comprehensive estate planning in addition to establishing wills and trusts.

Our firm strives to help our clients through a variety of consumer matters they may encounter over their lifetime. We are adept with a variety of contracts and are very familiar with the local real estate industry, making us a valuable asset to your estate planning process.

Saving Your Family Time And Worry

Without a comprehensive estate plan, your family will be left the burden of administering your estate. This process is often inefficient and time-consuming, and adds additional worry to those close to you. Your assets may also pass into the wrong hands.

This is why we recommend consulting with a knowledgeable and reliable attorney for wills, trusts and estates. Even if you have few assets, estate planning is a small measure you can take to ensure the transfer of your assets is efficient and organized after your passing. It also ensures the interests of younger beneficiaries are taken into account.

Trusted By Consumers Throughout Long Island

Our legal team at the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC is trusted throughout Long Island with consumers' most personal financial matters. We aim to be your resource for any legal issue, and hope to keep you, your family and your assets secure over your lifetime and after.

To get started today, call our office at 631-893-3900 or fill out our online contact form. We have free initial consultations to evaluate your situation and determine next steps before getting started.