Trusted Legal Counsel for a Variety of Consumer Law Matters

When you are facing a financial legal matter, your most valued assets could be on the line. At the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, our talented legal team has represented countless New York residents in a variety of consumer financial challenges, from bankruptcy and foreclosure to real estate transactions and personal injury claims.
During a free initial consultation, we will evaluate your case and establish a strategic plan to meet your goals. The sooner we get started, the more we will be able to help you secure your assets or resolve your financial matter.

A Strategic Plan To Protect Against Foreclosure

Your home is often your most cherished asset, and the risk of foreclosure can be devastating for you and your family. At the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, we put our extensive knowledge and experience to work, finding creative and strategic solutions for your financial situation.

We have worked against countless banks in New York and know how they operate, giving us valuable insight into the best options for your foreclosure defense. We have helped numerous homeowners in the fight to keep their homes, and we have the tools necessary to protect your most valued assets.

Helping You Keep Your Home

If you are at risk of losing your home, consult with our legal team as soon as possible to start planning your defense. We can counsel you on the best path forward and help you restore your credit and your dream of homeownership.

Our firm is well versed in numerous aspects of foreclosure and can counsel you on short sales, deeds in lieu, loan modifications, chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy, and more. We can negotiate better terms with the bank or aggressively litigate for your best interests. Our team has a breadth of knowledge in the law and can find a promising path to your success.

Mortgage Modifications

Negotiating Better Terms on Your Mortgage

When you are behind on your mortgage payments and at risk of foreclosure, renegotiating the terms of your loan may be the best way for you to keep your home. The Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC can help you evaluate your options and work with your lender to save you from foreclosure.

If your payments are too burdensome or you suffered from a loss of income, your current mortgage may be unsustainable. With a mortgage modification, you could return to making more manageable payments, eliminating the risk of the bank foreclosing. While many banks are hesitant to modify your mortgage, an experienced attorney knows how to negotiate with these lenders and can get you more favorable results.

The First Line of Defense in Protecting Your Investment

If you want to save your home, mortgage modifications are usually your first option. Other forms of foreclosure defense may involve you losing your home in order to protect your other assets and your prospects at future homeownership. Modifying your mortgage, however, allows you to continue living in your home without the burden of unmanageable payments.

Mortgage modifications are generally easier to negotiate before you get too far behind in your payments. It is imperative that you consult with an experienced foreclosure lawyer as soon as possible to negotiate better terms with your lender.

Experienced at Working With Banks and Lenders in New York

Negotiating better mortgage terms alone can be rather difficult. Large lenders can be intimidating and can take advantage of your situation. Having a knowledgeable attorney as an ally can give you much better leverage against your lender.

Our law firm has helped many homeowners protect themselves against foreclosure. We have extensive knowledge of the law and know how to protect you from the bank. Get started today with a free initial consultation—call
(631) 893-3900 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.


Short Sale

When you face foreclosure in New York, your home may not be the only thing in danger. When you cannot save your home, there are ways to mitigate the foreclosure's effect on your assets, your credit score, and your ability to purchase a home in the future.
At the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, we have a variety of tools at our disposal to help you recover from this difficult time. Two common ways of resolving your foreclosure are a short sale and a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

A short sale involves selling your home for less than you owe and reaching an agreement with your bank or lender to settle your debts for that lower amount. When you perform a short sale, you are often left with a substantial deficiency—the difference between the sale of your home and what you owe on your mortgage. To avoid having to pay this deficiency, you must ensure your short sale agreement satisfies the entirety of your debt.
Short sales relieve you of your financial obligations, but they may negatively impact your credit score, though not as badly as a foreclosure would. After a short sale, you would typically be able to purchase another home in two to four years which is less than the five to seven-year wait after a foreclosure.

A deed in lieu of foreclosure is another agreement you make with your lender. In this case, you transfer ownership of your home to the lender to satisfy your debts and end the foreclosure process. A deed in lieu may also leave a deficiency, as described above, so be sure your agreement clarifies that the transfer satisfies all your debt.


Giving You an Opportunity for a Fresh Start

When you are behind on your bills and overwhelmed by debt, you need the appropriate legal counsel to help give you a fresh start. At the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, we have helped a variety of consumers with their most personal financial challenges, giving many the fresh financial start they deserve.
Our firm has worked with numerous creditors and New York banks on behalf of consumers, helping many consumers eliminate debt and enabling them to save their homes. We understand how banks and financial institutions operate and can help shield you from unfair practices such as harassment.

Walking You Through All Your Financial Options

We have the knowledge and resources to help you find the best path forward for your future. We ensure that you understand the entire process and are comfortable moving forward, so you get the best opportunity to reestablish your life.
Our firm also has extensive experience with real estate transactions and foreclosure defense. This makes us uniquely qualified to work with all your assets and resolve even the more complicated financial situations. We can evaluate all the options available to you and counsel you on which may be best for your needs.


Personal Injury

Personal Injuries Can Be Devastating – You Deserve Recovery

A severe injury resulting from someone else's negligence can be extremely costly and potentially impact your life for years to come. A talented personal injury attorney can help you recover fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, emotional suffering, and more. At the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, we have passionately represented numerous New York residents in their personal injury claims, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Products liability
  • Premises liability
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Work-related injuries
  • Animal attacks
  • Wrongful death
  • Recovery for pain and suffering

These injuries can have severe impacts on your quality of life. Our firm has experience helping out clients recover the compensation they deserve. Only an experienced lawyer can evaluate your case and identify all of the damages for which you deserve recovery. We work to maximize this recovery and to minimize the injury's impact on your life.

Automobile Accidents

Fighting for a Variety of Automobile Accident Injuries

Auto accidents vary greatly in severity—ranging from simple fender benders to dangerous semitruck accidents. At the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, we have represented a variety of automobile accident injuries in New York, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Semitruck accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Uninsured motorists
  • Drunk driving accidents

These injuries can involve parties beyond those involved in the accident. An experienced attorney can identify every party at fault and fight for a complete compensation package that reflects the damages you suffered.

You Deserve a Fair Financial Recovery

Your automobile accident could result in serious injuries, costly property damage, and possible permanent disabilities that may impact your career prospects. Every injury is different, and our law firm is adept at evaluating your case and finding personalized solutions for your needs.
Whether we settle or litigate your case, you can rest assured that we are fighting for the fair results you deserve. We will fight for recovery for any medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and more.

Slip and Fall


Slip and Fall Injuries Can Be Severe – We Can Help

While many think slip and fall accidents are minor incidents, they can often result in severe injuries. At the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, we can determine if you have a slip and fall claim and how much you may be entitled to. These accidents often happen due to the property owner's negligence and can result in injuries as severe as:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain damage
  • Nerve damage and permanent disability
  • Broken bones

Even if you do not have injuries as severe, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other financial damages. We have helped numerous New York residents receive a fair financial recovery for their personal injuries.

How To Know if You Have a Slip and Fall Case

Not every "slip and fall" entitles you to compensation. To determine if you have a slip and fall claim, you have to prove a number of factors:

  • 1 The owner of the property owed you a duty of reasonable care.
  • 2 The owner breached that duty.
  • 3 An accident resulted from that breach of duty.
  • 4 That accident resulted in damages.

In many cases, like on commercial property, the business owes you a duty of reasonable care in return for your business. But you must then show that they breached that by failing to maintain the property or that their negligence caused the accident. An experienced personal injury attorney can determine if you have a case and how much you may be entitled to.


Real Estate

Familiar With All Aspects of the Real Estate Industry

When you consult with the Law Offices of Phil W. Felice PC, you are consulting with an attorney who knows the real estate industry.
You need a knowledgeable attorney you can rely on for insight into complicated real estate matters. We are trusted for getting the job done and protecting our clients' interests. We will be your ally throughout your real estate transaction.

Adept With Purchase Agreements and Property Disputes

Whether you need help reviewing a purchase and sale agreement or are involved in a heated real estate dispute, we strive to protect you and your property. We provide our clients with peace of mind through the entire process, striving to make sure any agreements and contracts are fair and any disputes are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Walking You Through Complex Real Estate Contracts

Our firm has worked extensively with New York real estate and can provide unique insight into the terms of your contract before you lease, buy, or sell a property. An experienced lawyer is able to identify any terms that are unfavorable for you and negotiate for a better contract that can prevent issues from arising in the future.